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A commercial umbrella liability policy is a relatively inexpensive way to purchase higher liability limits for your business. Any business owner seriously concerned about protecting business assets and earning power should consider a commercial umbrella policy. Accidental tragedies resulting in multi-million dollar lawsuits are far too common to rely solely […]

What is an umbrella liability policy and why do I ...

Auto and truck dealers make it very easy to buy a new vehicle these days. Buyers usually need to provide only an ID card showing proof of liability insurance and off they go. This practice makes it easy for the dealer and the buyer to overlook proper insurance coverage on […]

How do I get coverage on a new vehicle when ...

A claims-made insurance policy is most often used to provide professional liability coverage, such as the coverage needed by lawyers and doctors to protect them from malpractice claims.  But it is also used frequently for other types of liability insurance, such as employment practices liability, directors and officers liability, and […]

What is a claims-made insurance policy?

A certificate of insurance is an informational document issued by or on behalf of an insurance company. The certificate indicates that an insurance policy exists of a certain type and limits. Certificates are simply snapshots of basic policy coverages and limits at the time of issuance of the certificate. Certificates […]

What is a certificate of insurance and can I depend ...

That’s an excellent question, and it’s a question asked by many business owners like you. Business income insurance (sometimes called business interruption insurance) can make the difference between “life and death” of a business following a catastrophic loss. It can be as vital to your survival as fire insurance on […]

Why should I purchase business income insurance?