About Us

Established in 2016, White Slate Insurance primarily focuses on business insurance, specializing in contractors’ and sub-contractors’ insurance in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. We regularly guide businesses throughout the entire life cycle of a business. From startup to growth to maturity to perpetuation planning and the final exit, we are here for you and have the expertise to guide you through.  We love to help business owners in Texas understand what insurance they actually need. We want to help you with your general liability, commercial auto, commercial property, and workers’ compensation and or builders risk policies.


Principal agent Brooke Sarratt has a background in large commercial worker’s compensation risks that required thinking outside the box to find solutions.  Brooke used proven strategies to help guide clients with complex needs  to gain peace of mind, and long-term decreases in premiums.


Part of the risk management service offered by White Slate Insurance Services includes assisting in reporting claims and following through with the settlement or closure of the claim. Do you want to implement proven strategies to help lower your insurance costs over time? We want to partner with you.

Do you want an agency that invests in technology to help you save time? We have Accelerated COI that can help truckers get on the road fast and contractors get to work now.  

We want to help you save money, save time, and most importantly give you peace of mind.